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I’ve always been a RC fan and now a quadcopter fan. Flying above the treeline and seeing the world from a different view is just exhilarating! When I first researched which quadcopter was right for me, I literally read over a hundred blogs and visited several hobby stores to decide which one was the best. It really came down to a handful of primary features, which I thought were the most critical things in my purchasing decision. Now, this information isn’t just on my blog, it’s out there on the web in the one hundred blogs that I had to read. That’s what led me to create this site for quadcopter reviews, education and news. I wanted to create the best online quadcopter resource with everything in one spot.  I have gathered all the information you need to make the choice easy for you. It’s our mission to help you find the right quadcopter that meets your needs. As I mentioned earlier, I’m impartial and not a quadcopter vendor so you can bet that I’m going to give it you straight.

Which quadcopter to buy?

unsure I get it! It’s like buying a new car. There are so many different options and prices, it’s really hard to make a decision. I hear it all the time, and I went through exactly the same thing. Honestly, it’s hard to tell you which one to buy – we’re all constrained by different factors. Even though we have different needs, I believe there’s a quadcopter out there for you. There’s definitely a lot crap of out there. I’ll try to steer you clear of the crappy products, but even after that, there are still several choices from some of the top manufacturers in the space – and new ones coming out on the market all the time. Don’t worry though! I’m here to help. Check out our interactive chart of quadcopters to help you make your choice. I’ve talked to several first time buyers and current owners, and have come down to some of the major factors to think about when purchasing a quadcopter: Price, camera quality, flight time, flying control, flying distance, manufacturer support and assembly difficulty.


priceOf course if we were all Bill Gates our buying experience would a whole lot easier. We’d just get the DJI Phantom 2 Vision and be done with it (maybe we’d buy a spare while we were at it). However, the reality for most of is that we are limited to a certain budget and want to get the best available option within our financial limit. It’s not always the most expensive option a specific price range – most quadcopters are overpriced for what they are. This is exactly why I’ll always pay attention to the value for the money we’re spending. The good news is that there are plenty of good valued quads on the market that can suit your price range and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg getting it.

Camera Quality

UnknownLet’s be honest, you probably saw a 1080P HD video on Youtube which led you to this search in the first place. That’s the same reason why I started looking for a quadcopter. I wanted to soar in the sky and checkout my surroundings. If this is your primary concern, then you’ll need to make sure to check the specs on the stock camera that’s provided with the quad. If there isn’t a camera, you’ll need to check if the quadcopter can support the weight of a gimbal and a small attached camera (usually a GoPro). Most of the hobby sized quadcopters can support this, however many of the toy quadcopters don’t have the lift to support this feature.

Flying Control

Unknown-3As you’d expect, the flight controls are the heart and soul of the quadcopter and above all else it needs to be suited to your level of flying ability. You’ll want a quadcopter that matches your experience level to the level of responsiveness that can be set. For instance, at full responsiveness, you may end up doing a back flip right into the ground, when all you wanted to do was have the quad climb into the air. While this level of responsiveness is best suited for advanced flyers, a control that can be made less sensitive may be a better option if you’re a beginner learning how to fly. The brands that have been in the business the longest recognize this fact and have a beginner setting or an advanced setting, allowing you toggle between the two as you become more comfortable with the quad.

Flight Time

Unknown-2Nothing is more frustrating then suddenly seeing a blinking light on your controller, when you’ve finally gotten into a groove flying your quadcopter. Sadly, that’s just the case with some of these quadcopters. The battery technology on some just aren’t as advanced as the others. Most quadcopter flight times hover around the 10 minute mark, with the best being around 25 minutes. So when you’re purchasing your quadcopter, you probably should buy additional batteries that you can charge the night before, just so you don’t have to stop flying to wait for a charge. This ultimately affects the total price of the quadcopter, because the batteries for some of the bigger quadcopters are not cheap. They can go from $60 all the way up to $130 for a single battery. So make sure you take this into consideration as well when you’re making your final decision.

Flight Distance

Unknown-4If you’re just flying it around your yard or house, then distance may not matter. However, if your goal is to fly it long distances, then the distance that the quad can go before losing it’s connection is of the utmost importance. This goes hand in hand with the amount of time that the quad can stay in the air. No one wants to fly far out, only to realize that you won’t have enough juice in the battery to make it home. Another important thing to take into consideration is how far the camera can go before the video starts to degrade, or you just lose the video signal entirely.

Other considerations

Here’s a summary of some of the additional things you ought to consider before making your purchase:

Is there good support from the manufacturer?

There are plenty of variations on the market to fit every possible usage. While there are plenty of quads, make sure to buy one from a reputable vendor. You want to make sure that any questions you have will be answered by a representative of the brand, just so that you’ll always be able to enjoy flying your quad. It sucks when you’ve waited all week to fly your quad and all of a sudden a part breaks and you have no access to replacement parts and no one is available to help you.

How do you intend to use the quadcopter?

Just like you wouldn’t buy a machete for slicing tomatoes in the kitchen, the same logic goes for how you choose your quadcopter. Think about how you plan on using the quadcopter. Is it for aerial photography, aerial tricks, casual flying or just something to fly around the house for fun? All quadcopters are not made for the same purpose so be sure to have this in mind before taking the plunge.

Do you want to tweak the quadcopter?

Some quads are just not made to be customized, while others are born to be hacked on and modified by enthusiasts. It’s important to think about this before making your final purchase decision. Do you want to be able to modify the quad to fly faster, go farther or do aerial tricks? Certain quads are made for the DIY-type of person, requiring you to put the whole kit together, while others are more focused on aerial photography and producing the best videos and photos, providing a kit that works right out of the box.

Checkout These Quadcopters!

With everything I’ve put on this site, you should be able to make the most informed decision when you’re purchasing a quadcopter. Whether you need a quad for aerial photography, learning how to fly, aerial acrobatics or learning about the inner workings of a quad, you should be able to find a solid recommendation on this site. Hopefully you’ve learned enough about the different features that you should consider when you’re thinking about what type of quadcopter to buy. By the end of this, you’ll have reviewed a complete detailed listing of almost all the quadcopters you’ll ever need to consider. Now go get the best quadcopter for you! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact us page!

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