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DJI Phantom 2 with LED Lights March 6, 2015

Must Have DJI Phantom Accessories

The DJI Phantom 2 quadcopters have been a great series of quadcopters built

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DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ February 25, 2015

Best Quadcopter for Video

Does it make sense to use a quadcopter for video? Recently, quadcopters have risen

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Beginner February 17, 2015

Best Quadcopter for Beginners

I get asked often what are the best quadcopters for beginners to start with.  Many

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DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3 3D November 16, 2014

Best Quadcopter for a GoPro

Whether you’re a veteran quadcopter hobbyist eager to add aerial photography to

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Micro Quadcopter in Hand November 11, 2014

Buying a Micro Quadcopter

What is a Micro Quadcopter? Micro quadcopters range from 6 to 12 inches wing spans

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Compare Quadcopters November 11, 2014

Compare Quadcopters

Choosing the best quadcopter for your skill and price range isn’t always easy

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4 best quadcopters November 11, 2014

4 Best Quadcopters of 2014

In early 2014 I finally decided to buy a quadcopter. I looked all over the web and

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