About Us

At QuadcopterAcademy we’re focused on helping you find the best quadcopter that you can afford.  We’ll help you with all the education you need for buying quadcopters and quadcopter accessories so that you can know what you’re buying and what to expect.  We will also share with you our reviews, commentary and personal favorites when it comes to choosing the best quadcopter.

My name is David and I created QuadcopterAcademy.  I live in NY and am a huge quadcopter enthusiast.   I’m passionate about quadcopters (and multi-copters) of all kinds!   I remember the first time I flew my AR Parrot Drone over my house and saw what the world looked like from above, and the feeling of freedom it gave me as a I flew around my neighborhood.  From then on I was hooked.

As I was able to afford and play with different quadcopters,  I found myself becoming more of an enthusiast in many ways.  I was eager to try different types of quadcopters to see what different manufacturers had to offer.  I started by comparing and evaluating the different quadcopters and starting realized there were some to steer clear of.   My friends started asking me which quadcopters they should buy, and I realized that there were others out there that wanted this information.   So I created this site to give back to the community and to share my knowledge with you.

There are a ton of other quadcopter sites out on the internet if you look hard enough…still, I wanted to gather all of that information into one place so that I could provide the community with a place to get a extensive and thoroughly evaluated reviews from someone who knows what they’re talking about.  There are definitely great quadcopters out there for reasonable prices, but the market is also filled with a lot of junk.  I want to try and help guide you in the right direction and help you avoid mistakes in buying the wrong quadcopter (as i’ve done many times!).

The site is still new, but it’s growing.  Feel free to get in touch with me with any comments or questions.

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